Tips for improving Memory Power

It is the tendency of humans to forget things at times and try to remember very less as the age of humans goes on the memory works according to their age memory gets slows down its performance. And if you have no strong recollecting memory power then you are seem to have weak memory. One must know the ways to improve memory power and should have strong determination to enhance their memory.

Tips for improving memory powerSince human brain has very distinctive functionality, there are various tips to improve memory power acquired by one?s own discovered and preferred strategy.

  1. One of the most easy tip to improve your memory power is associating yourself with some unforgettable experience, person, place which has great impact in your in the past with your life either it can be song that has a relevance to the information being memorized. Associating such positive memories relates to the linking of a picture with the data and makes your mind sense of recall which easily retain images that are strange and you can remember things quickly.
  2. Always try to be positive that makes you motivate to work because being positive reduces stress and this is the most important tip which improves your memory power. And by rewarding yourself when you did good job on your memory by doing something nice for yourself which you enjoy would definitely motivate you since every little thing will help you to improve memory power.
  3. The most common tip for improving memory power which is applicable to students that sticks in the brain is by writing and reciting the data. By writing something which you want to remember gives you visual part of the memorization by which the brain can easily retrieve What you have written with visual image and can be easily recalled.
  4. Reciting and repeating is another kind of tip to improve your memory power which is a verbal part of the memorization. Through important discussions about an information would definitely improve memory power which you want to remember. And even reciting or repeating louder would trigger the brain senses to recall.
  5. The lack of memory in humans is becoming very common in the present days due to insufficiency of sleep, healthy diet and no time for exercise. So the memory power can be improved with proper diet like eating more cereal, vegetables, fruits which are very excellent in developing memory as they contain folic acid, B12 vitamins and other important vitamins helps in brain development. And By doing regular exercise it alerts your entire body and your brain muscles in improving your memory power.
  6. It is difficult to remember list of categories or names for most of us. So the best tip to improve memory power to memorize such list is by highlighting keywords to the names or by creating abbreviations to the list of categories. Another tip is using rhyming words that rhymes with it.
  7. The worst thing to have weak memory is saying I can?t remember things at all. Instead you must believe in your memory and try to improve it. Every single day when you wake up and before you go to bed, tell yourself that your memory is improving.
  8. There are brain exercises which improve memory power by giving? your brain a great work. By giving exercise to your brain it works very efficiently in improving memory as the nerve connections inside the brain works well for the development of your memory. Brain exercises such as mind puzzles, memory games etc allows your brain to stay active and can store more stuff.