Tips to Googlize Your Business

Whether you love or hate Google as a search engine, it?s hard to spend a day without touching one of there services. The search engine giant Google has come a long way to provide variety of services like internet enquiries and to map your way to your next destination.

Today, Google is changing the way that we communicate on a personal and professional level. Today Google offers cost effective solutions often free to use, better scalability and easier collaboration with enhanced security.

Google has products that are worth trying out. They won?t take too much time to set up or install, and if you hate them there will be no nagging tech salesperson showing up on your door trying to convince you to use these tools.

Google Buzz.?? Google Buzz is one of the product added to Google family. To access this product, you?ll need a Gmail account. Google Buzz is aiming to compete with the Twitter and Face book communities, among other social networks.? Google buzz is trying to improve online conversations. Google Buzz definitely looks promising since it?s integrated within your Gmail account. What also makes it interesting in a business environment is the ability to have private or public real-time conversations, helping to increase your organization?s productivity with easier collaboration using comment threads with status updates.

Tips to Googlize Your BusinessGoogle Chrome. This Google download is like the ugly stepsister in the browser world.

It just doesn?t get the attention it deserves. While Mozilla?s Firefox is an excellent web browser, what makes Chrome even better is one simple thing: this Google product allows you to search directly from the address bar. Sure, this seems simply enough, but when you start to use Chrome on a regular basis you realize how much time you can save by entering your queries in the same place you normally type a full URL. You might call this lazy searching, but whatever you say about Google Chrome, there?s no doubt it?s a winning feature.

Gmail: Many corporate Internet email services make sending, searching, and sharing messages frustrating. With Gmail, aside from ease-of-use, there are many business advantages. For starters, Google offers you more email storage than you will ever need and if you do need more, you can buy it at a reasonable price. Although managing emails is a fine art, with Gmail you don?t have to spend a lot of time organizing your messages because they are easily searchable in seconds. However, if you love organizing your email account, there are stars, filters, and labels to make Gmail sorting a breeze. Another obvious benefit to this Google service is the ability to check your email anywhere, anytime, on any computer with Internet access.

Google Calendar. There is no more important tool in a business than a company?s calendar. With Google Calendar, you can easily manage all your meetings. The app?s built-in reminders make it easy for you to send a text message or email to yourself at scheduled times before an appointment. If you?re worried about your clients or customers calendar programs getting confused with your Google ways, Google Calendar plays nice with Microsoft Outlook, among other programs. Finally, even if you?re offline, you can still see your meetings.

Google Docs. Word processing is a breeze in Google Docs. From creating documents to designing a presentation to crafting a spreadsheet, all of these items can be created and exported to popular file formats, such as DOC, PPT, and CSV. There is no new technology to learn within Google Docs since the terminology is the same as what you?d find in much of the business world?s popular software. Google docs is free to use, just like everything on this list, which decreases your software license fees and increases your company?s productivity.