Tips to Remember When Heading for a Meeting

Meetings which involve people and encourage participation and responsibility are more constructive than meetings in which the leader tells, instructs and makes all the decisions, which is not a particularly productive style of leadership. A meeting provides a platform to portray one?s prowess and talent.

When you are heading for a meeting follow the tips to get success.

Firstly you must be sure that you determine what your goal is with the with each particular participant and see that all the participants in the meeting are clear on your stated goal. Reduce the number of people, issues and tasks to only those necessary to accomplish the goal.

Tips to Remember When Heading for a MeetingEstablish a specific standard by which you will measure success or failure. Assess your basic relationship to your meeting partner or partners: superior, peer or subordinate. Evaluate their likely personal interests and needs.

Visualize the meeting as you would like it to take place, and determine what must be done in the way of further specific preparation to make your desired vision a reality.

Establish a meeting environment and theater (including style, location, room size and seating) consistent with your goal. Circulate a clear and appropriately detailed agenda in written form in advance to the participants of the meeting.

Do your homework, and go at least one step beyond the expectations of your meeting partners. Be aware of the particular customs, rules and etiquette for the meeting.

Switching off cell phone is the most common thing to remember while heading for the meeting. If the phone rings in between the meeting then your professionalism becomes questionable. It would be best to either switch off the cell phone or keep it in silent mode while entering the meeting.

Make sure that all the important presentations and documents are at the desktop and Laptop. You should also not waste time without finishing the information. If the way of working proves to be careless, you might miss out on a possible promotion.

Have a good sleep the night before the meeting to avoid the tag of a latecomer. If you are late for the meeting which you are heading then you may lose the impression.

Being a good listener is one of the most ignored aspects of a meeting. Though you are intelligent, if you speak out of turn or remonstrate without any justifiable cause, then your career may be heading in the wrong direction. A notepad to pen down the Minutes of the Meeting (MOM) is recommended. This will help in perceiving the main agenda of the meeting.

Be self-confident when heading for the meeting. It is the main objective of the meeting is to reach a resolution. You need to be assertive to make your presence count. You simply cannot afford to be hesitant at such a crucial platform rather you need to make the most out of the meeting as it would help determine your future role with the company.