Top 10 Job Interview Tips

  • Be punctual for a job interview. An employer knows that if you can’t show up on time for a job interview, you can’t do it for work either.
  • Prepare in advance even if you think you don’t require any preparation. The preparation you did for previous job interviews can’t be an excuse for not preparing for the one you are about to attend today.
  • Avoid too much amusement on the day before the interview. Amusing moments are essential for a healthy living but it can distract you for a week by pulling your thoughts back to the memories of that day.
  • Keep the clothes ready the day before. You don’t want to waste your time in the morning of the interview day, in search of the perfect outfit.
  • Choose the clothes which fit the job that you are applying for.Make sure they don’t look too formal, unless your job is going to be in the fashion industry.
  • Go through the sample interview questions and answers that you can find online, not for parroting those answers but to get an idea of how the good and acceptable answers sound.

Top10 job interview tips

  • Have your friend conduct mock interviews with you, especially if you are attending your first interview. (Don’t choose the one who always cracks jokes, if you don’t want to embarrass yourself by laughing out loud for your? interviewer’s question.)
  • Stay away from social networking sites like Facebook, orkut and MySpace once you start your interview preparation, unless the position you are applying for is social media consultant. Social media is powerful for doing job search but it can cause some serious addiction and keep you awake until midnight. (No problem if you let you Farmville crops wither for a couple of days)
  • On the interview day and the day before, eat something that digests easily and doesn’t make you feel sleepy. The food that you take affects your thought process, your posture and how you feel overall.
  • The most important thing to read before the interview is your own resume. If the interviewer asks about your career goals, you don’t want it to sound? completely different from the objectives you wrote in your resume. Read your resume a few times, think about the possible questions that the interviewer might ask based on your resume and be ready to answer them.