There are two types of advertisement

Traditional advertisement and pull style advertisement.

In traditional advertisement such as junk emails and TV commercials pushes its product information to customers, which is regarded as push type advertisement. Traditional advertisement pushes ads regardless of customers need. So these types of ads lose its effect because customers don?t need such ads.

Types of AdvertisementPull style advertisement ad makes the customers to voluntarily access ads. So blogs can be considered to be pull style advertisement because corporate blog will be read only by those who really like the product or interested in that company. Blog can address to interested customers. Another awesome thing about blog is good products can be mentioned in customer’s blog. It will be a good advertisement because the comment by the users can be more reliable than what a company says. Blogs are normally read by people who have similar preferences with the writer Therefore; it can appeal to new potential customer. ?A company’s good reputation can be spread by word-of-mouth, and if a blog can get track-back by many blogs, it will be ranked higher in search result.