Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a process where Website Users or website owners pass marketing message to other users or websites, creating an exponential growth in the messages visibility and effect, through viral marketing strategies the owner of the website gets advantage to explode the message to thousands to millions of users. Viral marketing is an idea that spreads fast or slow some times, and while it is spreading actually helps market your website, your business and massively increase your web traffic and your sales.

These are the proven methods to create viral messages that will generate huge amounts of traffic to a website.

Viral MarketingWriting a viral Article.
In this process we need to write an article full of valuable information. We need to offer solutions and important tips in our article. The content of the article must match to our website topic; also provide a link pointing to our website. This link will be our traffic provider. At the bottom of the article we can specify that it is free for republishing only provided our resource box is retained. The more quality content our articles deliver, the more republishing they will bring. So through this process we get massive free and targeted web traffic.

Create an e-book or viral report.

Create an e-book with tons of information regarding our business. Spread website’s link all over the book, and then allow readers to freely give away and share e-book as long as its content is not changed. That means that thousands of people will read our e-book, and will be directed to our site, generating more web traffic and more sales.

Make a viral video

Social networking sites are very effective in viral marketing. The most popular video sharing site like You Tube is a very powerful tool for getting huge free web traffic. With all the free resources available. It?s not difficult to create a video now a days make an attractive, content-packet video or a tutorial video and place a link back to your website. Post the video on You Tube, and if it’s enjoyed by your viewers it will spread like a real virus. So you will get your product shared with millions of potential customers.

Join free give away sites

These are websites that assemble a group of internet marketers to contribute a free e-book or software to their giveaway site. Everyone submit a gift and everyone promote the site. The result is that we get a ton more web traffic for free, and we can build a huge list of subscribers to your opt- in list.

So these are some simple and inexpensive tips about Viral Marketing by D Hari Babu (Seo Trainer and Consultant) to spread the word about a website or any product all over the Internet. Finally, all we need for viral marketing is some patience. Our viral message needs some time to propagate, but when it reaches a certain visibility and scale, it will dramatically increase our web traffic, profit and Pocket Money.