Visual Basic .Net and its Features

Visual Basic is a rich, easy and GUI based programming language, making each & every task easier and improves programmer’s productivity. VB.NET is a powerful tool in integrated environment of .NET technology.? Visual Basic .NET is a form of advance Visual Basic programming language.

The VB.NET language accesses types from the .NET Framework. It has a distinctive syntax form. Knowledge of this language helps many developers who primarily use other languages. VB.NET has features nearly equivalent to the C# language.

Visual Basic .NET provides the easiest, most productive language and tool for rapidly building Windows and Web applications. Visual Basic .NET comes with enhanced visual designers, increased application performance, and a powerful integrated development environment (IDE). Visual Basic.NET will provide the foundation for building the solutions that enable a new age of truly distributed computing on the Internet.

Features of VB DOT NET:

Visual Basic.NET Includes many features that help developers create web applications free from custom errors in easiest way

1. VB .NET includes features such as in place menu editor, automatic control anchoring and docking, etc, all of which support web programmers to create Web application easily and quickly.

2. Visual Basic .Net programming language provides automatic code formatting, enhanced object browser, the XML Designer and much more.

3. VB .Dot Net supports interoperability with com and allows you to control the existing code for developers to build web-based application. Provides interoperability with other computer languages that support the .NET framework.

4. Visual Basic Dot Net is a computer language, web developers can easily create Web application event log, performance counters, file system, with its features.

5. Since Visual Basic.NET is an object-oriented programming language, web developers can create enterprise-class code using full object-oriented constructs with the support of language features such as implementation inheritance encapsulation and polymorphism, etc

6. Visual Basic .Net also supports creation of applications for wireless, Internet-enabled hand-held devices.

7. Visual Basic.NET provides forms designer from visual to help developers to easily create web forms. In addition, developers can use “drag and drop? feature elements according to their business requirements.

8. With Visual Basic .NET we can build applications more rapidly and deploy and maintain them with efficiency.