VSAM Interview Questions

  1. What is free space?
  2. What is a VSAM split?
  3. What is SHAREOPTS?
  4. What is a Base Cluster?
  5. What is an alternate index?
  6. What is purpose of VSAM?
  7. How do you define a GDG?
  8. How do you define a kSDS?
  9. What is File Status in VSAM?
  10. What is the VSAM-code field?
  11. What are the types of VSAM datasets?
  12. What is Control Interval, Control Area?
  13. How are different versions of GDG named?
  14. In vsam why we use export-import utility?
  15. How do you convert flat files to VSAM files?
  16. How do you compile a program in Endevor?
  17. What is the RRN for the first record in RRDS?
  18. How many times secondary space allocated?
  19. How does the current generation be referred?
  20. What is the difference between LDS and ESDS?
  21. How do you load a VSAM data set with records?
  22. What does a file status of 02 on a VSAM indicate?
  23. What is the meaning of VSAM RETURN-CODE 28?
  24. What are the different types of VSAM files available?
  25. State whether the following statement is true or false?
  26. What is the meaning of the DEFINE MODEL parameter?
  27. How many ALternate Indexes you can have on a dataset?
  28. What is the utility program closely associated with VSAM?
  29. What is the maximum record length for the VSAM dataset?
  30. What is the significance of the SHAREOPTIONS parameter?
  31. What is the difference between sequential files and ESDS files?
  32. What is the procedure for running the batch job in mainframe?
  33. What is the meaning of each of the values in SHAREOPTS (2 3)?
  34. How do you decide on optimum values for CI, FREESPACE etc…?
  35. In which of the following scenarios “result-level” locking can be applied?
  36. Identify the point that is NOT true w.r.t. CI and CA splits in a VSAM file?
  37. How do you fix the problem associated with VSAM out of space condition?
  38. In the COBOL SELECT statement what is the ORGANIZATION for a KSDS?
  39. What happens when you open an empty VSAM file in a COBOL program for input?
  40. How do you initialize a VSAM file before any operation? a VSAM with alternate index?