What is difference between Marketing and Sales

Sales and marketing are both important for a business success. They are interdependent with varied functions. Marketing is related to four P’s” of product, price, place and promotion. There are many bigger firms have made clear distinction between marketing and sales with specialized people handling them independently. Whereas for small and medium-size business (SMB), sales and marketing are clubbed together in indefinite mass of activities.

Marketing and sales are the two prominent activities for a business that determines the revenue and success of company. Many organizations establish a separate sales function, apart from other elements of the marketing process.

What is difference between Marketing and SalesMarketing: It is an element of finding out what product or service a customer requires and producing such a product with proper features, pricing and promoting correctly.

Sales: Selling is the act of influencing a customer to such a Product where marketing procedures support sales efforts.

Marketing: Before selling or introducing the product directly in the market, proper marketing plan should be ensured. So marketing step comes first before selling the product or service to the customer to make sales effective.

Sales: Without proper sale the business cannot exceed revenue. And without effective marketing planning and support it goes hopeless without sales to implement the plan.

Marketing: Marketing is the ability of designing advertisements and media messages to drive the targeted consumers to the sales.

Sales: Sale is an interaction where an exchange is made between a consumer and a business. Through sales the business gets interacted with consumers directly.

Marketing: Whereas marketing provides the sources like advertising, brand marketing, public relations, direct mails and viral marketing promoting the product for sales. Marketing controls a client relationship.

Sales: Sales uses marketing sources of advertising and makes the consumer to purchase a product or service. So selling process is an important element of the overall marketing process.

Marketing: Marketing involves in the tasks like research, identifying the needs of the customer, developing and innovating the product, producing and promoting through advertisements that creates awareness about the product to the consumers.

Sales: After the product is introduced in the market, then the sales task starts to make the customer to buy the product. So the sales is the means of converting the leads or prospects into purchases and orders.

Marketing: It involves a longer process of building a name for a brand and pursuing the customer to buy it even if they are not intend to buy. So marketing aimed at longer period to get revenue from the product.

Sales: Whereas sales are relevant for short term goals as involves the short term process of finding the target consumer.

Marketing: It targets on meeting the consumer demands.

Sales: Whereas sales only focuses on converting consumer demand match the products.

Marketing: It provides the sales person a platform to approach a consumer.

Marketing: Marketing only creates awareness about the product to the consumers through various methods. So it is an indirect process.

Sales: Sales are interpersonal interactions that involves one-on-one meetings, networking and calls and pertain to the challenges and relations with the customer.

Marketing: The marketing activities support sales efforts which are usually the most significant force in stimulating sales.