What is Dot Net Technology and its Features

Dot Net technology allows different programming languages and libraries to work together, create Windows-based applications and integrate them with other networked systems. Dot Net technology is a cutting edge web development technology. It offers a great set of development tools striving to meet needs of the most demanding customers. Dot-NET consists of a number of technologies that allow software developers to build Internet-based distributed systems.

The Dot Net development tool comprises of.NET Framework SDK, Dot Net framework and the development environment. This technology is the outcome of Microsoft’s new strategy to keep Windows the dominant operating system in the market. The Microsoft.NET platform is efficient in dealing with Visual Studio programs.

Dot Net technology enables the creations and use of XML-based application, processes, and websites as services that share and combine information and functionality with each other by design, on any platform or smart device, to provide tailored solutions for organizations and individual people.

Features of Dot Net Technology:

1. Using Dot Net technology, it decrease the amount of code required to build applications.

2. Dot Net technology integrates with other tools and technologies to build the right solution with less work. Client authentication and form submission can be done easily with Dot Net technology.

3. Maintenance of Dot Net pages can be much easier using Dot Net technology. The code is executed on the server and provides web page flexibility.

4. Dot Net technology possesses explicit extremely convenient multi-language support. Framework provides binary compatibility between more than 20 languages.

5. Dot net technology has reusable, customizable solutions for larger programming tasks. A set of user-friendly tools helps to sufficiently increase programmers’ productivity and, as a result, save customer’s time and costs.

6. Dot Net technology has the advantage of caching services, just-in-time compilation, native optimization and early binding.

7. Dot Net technology gives an enhanced interface between new and old applications.

8. Dot Net technology provides high security and proper management of memory and other exception handling, .Net has virtual machine component.

9. Dot Net technology can exchange of different types of programs written in.Net languages.

11. Dot Net technology provides a higher interaction of database and XML document manipulation.

12. Using Dot Net technology,?? we can provide conformity to security requirements. Dot net inclines to the requirement of the professionals.

13. With Dot Net technology one can build applications more rapidly and deploy and maintain them with efficiency. Dot Net technology ensures that all vital application components are available on the computer before the application starts working. The .NET technology also provides web application developers with automatic deployment.

14. Web application developed in Dot Net technology is highly reliable due to web server control over the pages on an ongoing basis. Any type of illegal activities or other defects are detected by the server and removed.