Winrunner Interview QuestionsWinrunner Interview Questions

1 Define Winrunner?

Ans: Winrunner is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool.

2 Give short answer about Winrunner?

Ans:? Winrunner helps you automate the testing process, from test development to execution. You can create adaptable and reusable test scripts that challenge the functionality of your application. Prior to a software release, you can run these tests in a single overnight run enabling you to detect defects and ensure superior software quality.

3 What kind of applications Winrunner suits?

Ans: Visual Basic, Power Builder, Active-X, Java and Web Applications

4 How many types of Run Modes are available in Winrunner?

Ans: Winrunner provides three types of Run Modes.

* Verify Mode
* Debug Mode
* Update Mode

5 What is the Verify Mode?

Ans:? In Verify Mode, Winrunner compares the current result of application to its expected result.

6 What is Debug Mode?

Ans: In Debug Mode, Winrunner tracks the defects in a test script.

7 What is Update Mode?

Ans:? In Update Mode, Winrunner updates the expected results of test script.

8? How many types of recording modes available in Winrunner?

Ans: There are two type of recording in Winrunner.

* Context Sensitive recording records the operations you perform on your
Application by identifying Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects.
* Analog recording records keyboard input, mouse clicks, and the precise x- and Y-coordinates traveled by the mouse pointer across the screen.

9 What do you mean by Context Sensitive recording?

Ans: Winrunner captures and records the GUI objects, windows, keyboard inputs, and Mouse clicks activities through Context Sensitive Recording.

10 What is the meaning of Analog recording?

Ans: It captures and records the keyboard inputs, mouse click and mouse movement. It will not? capture the GUI objects and Windows.

11 Where are stored Debug Result?

Ans: Debug Results are always saved in debug folder.

12 What is Winrunner testing process?

Ans: Winrunner involves six main steps in testing process.

* Create GUI map
* Create Test
* Debug Test
* Run Test
* View Results
* Report Defects

13 What is the GUI SPY?

Ans: You can view the physical properties of objects and windows through GUI SPY.

14 How many types of modes for organizing GUI map files?

Ans: Winrunner provides two types of modes-

* Global GUI map files
* Per Test GUI map files

15 What is contained in GUI map files?

Ans: GUI map files stored the information, it learns about the GUI objects and windows.

16 How does Winrunner recognize objects on the application?

Ans: Winrunner recognize objects on the application through GUI map files.
When Winrunner runs a test, it uses the GUI map to locate objects. It reads an
Object?s description in the GUI map and then looks for an object with the same Properties in the application being tested.

17 What is the difference between GUI map and GUI map files?

* The GUI map is actually the sum of one or more GUI map files. There are two modes for organizing GUI map files.
* Global GUI Map file: a single GUI Map file for the entire application
* GUI Map File per Test: Winrunner automatically creates a GUI Map file for each test created. GUI Map file is a file which contains the windows and the objects learned by the Winrunner with its logical name and their physical description.

18 How do you view the GUI map content?

Ans: We can view the GUI map content through GUI map editor.

19 What is the use of the checkpoint?

Ans: Checkpoint enables you to check your application by comparing it?s expected results Of application to actual results.

20 What is Execution Arrow?

Ans: Execution Arrow indicates the line of script being executed.

21 How does Win Runner evaluate test results?

Ans: Following each test run, Win Runner displays the results in a report. The report details all the major events that occurred during the run, such as checkpoints, error messages, system messages, or user messages. If mismatches are detected at checkpoints during the test run, you can view the expected results and the actual results from the Test Results window.

22? What are the reasons that Win Runner fails to identify an object on the GUI?

Ans: Win Runner fails to identify an object in a GUI due to various reasons.

* The object is not a standard windows object.
* If the browser used is not compatible with the Win Runner version, GUI Map Editor will not be able to learn any of the objects displayed in the browser Window.

23 How to use Win Runner to check whether the record was updated or the record Was deleted or the record was inserted or not?

Ans: Using Win Runner check point features: Create->dDB checkpoint->Runtime Record Check

24 How to use Win Runner to test the login screen?

Ans: When you enter wrong id or password, you will get Dialog box.
1. Record this Dialog box
2. User win_exists to check whether dialog box exists or not
3. Playback: Enter wrong id or password, if win_exists is true, then your application is Working good. Enter good id or password, if win_exists is false, then your Application is working perfectly.