Wireless Network updates

The wireless network is an electronic & internet network which is found almost everywhere these days, for example; offices, schools and even our own homes. Wireless network are easy to setup but the equipment is quite expensive. Still, Many schools have installed wireless networks in their schoolrooms and even every student that has a compatible PC can finish their homework or even play on-line games.

Even in every business, which is filled with different styles of sections and computer usage are using internet technology to bridge communication between all the carious sections so as to share the data & resources.

Wireless Network updatesEarlier internet technology was possible only with the cables but the way of using internet forever changed with the development of wireless technology. Wireless technology have made it possible to use the internet anywhere in home, while watching television & even can carryit in garden. There are pros & cons of using wireless internet technology in home & office. Because the entire premise of wireless network communication is totally based on the principal that data is being freely transferred across airwaves, while most of us are fully aware of this danger, but the fact is that there are still many wireless network users who are unaware of wireless security and simply leave their networks wide open. Fortunately, many options exist for securing our wireless networks for those users who choose to do so.

With an open and unprotected wireless network, anyone in the range of your wireless router can freely connect and use your wireless internet connection to do spamming or malicious activities. Therefore every wireless router has to be set with encrypted 8/16/32 bit key. so that Your internet connection should not become a mercy to anyone who chooses to use it for immoral or any illegal activity. Wireless technology has reached to its peak by embedding in latest mobile phones. Every new model of every brand comes with wi-fi technology. which made every one to be connected with both the mobile & internet network. Their are various cafes & shopping malls provide free access to their wireless network so as to attract customers.