Experts Tips on Mobile Maintenance

Your mobile is the lifeline contact with the outside world. Follow these simple tips to get the best from you mobile prolong its life and enhance its productivity. Make regular use of these simple tips on mobile maintenance to avoid loss of time and money. The below mentioned points apply to other phone accessories as well

Experts Tips on Mobile MaintenanceCharge: Make sure your battery is completely charged. Recharge only when the battery is too low or totally run down. An early recharge causes the battery to run down more quickly

Security: Avoid unauthorized use of your mobile enable phone lock and SIM card lock using necessary PIN options. Check with manufacturer?s phone manual for more security features. Always keep a back up of your IMEI number in case your mobile is stolen report to your nearest police station and service operator

Protection: Lock your phone, using the keypad. Avoid dropping or unnecessarily shaking your phone. . Rough treatment can damage the electronic circuit boards
Battery: Be safe with your batteries. Use only genuine batteries from your phone manufacturer and only buy from authorized dealers. Going for a cheap option or a counterfeit can be dangerous.

Cleaning: Do not use harsh detergents, cleaning solvents or chemicals to clean your phone. Wipe only with a soft cloth.

Cover:A protective cover helps repel dust and dirt, and prevent scratches. Make sure you choose a good quality cover. A Low quality cover with no air pockets can damage you phone by creating humidity inside the cover.
Storing your phone: Always store your phone in a dry place. Avoid rain, high humidity and liquids. All these may contain minerals that could corrode the electronic circuits.

Right temperature: To ensure a long life, keep your phone in a stable temperature. Avoid exposing your phone to liquid and/or exposing your phone to extreme temperature change from hot to cold and vice versa. This might create condensation and damage the phone.

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