Android OS and its Advantages

Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android has a large community of developers writing applications (“apps”) that extend the functionality of the devices.

The Android operating system is a lot like the Windows operating system you use on your PC but it is specifically developed to work on small, low power handsets like smartphones and tablets. Android OS is designed to run as efficiently as possible while using as little power as possible.

While Android is designed primarily for smartphones and tablets, the open and customizable nature of the operating system allows it to be used on other electronics, including laptops and netbooks, smartbooks, ebook readers and smart TV

Android has overtaken virtually every other smartphone operating system available, including Apple?s iOS which powers the iPhones and Blackberry?s own OS.

The Android OS is brilliant for the techie world with its advantages.

1. The Connectivity Settings of the Android OS plays important role. The Android operating system is versatile and lets you the advantage with the different other widgets, which really makes the connectivity settings much easier to handle.

2. Android runs on both of the most widely deployed cellular standards, GSM/HSDPA and CDMA/EV-DO.

3. There are numerous sites along with internet sites accessible over the internet wherever anybody can get the newest developments regarding Android Operating System and also programs. It is extremely ideal for developers who are able to apply additional benefits and examination their efficiency.

4. The Android operating system is an advanced piece of software and packs a big punch in a small package. It uses a lightweight relational database called SQLite to store and retrieve data for the various apps that you install and has built in playback capability for dozens of different media types.

4. Google android OS offers programs for a lot of through the primary Google services that we have reached adore and believe in, such as: Googlemail, Youtube . com, Google Roadmaps, Google Tone of voice (such as Skype) in add-on in order to convert, customer and financial.

5. Mobile systems have gotten better and faster with the advent Android OS that allows the onset of better service and features to the end user. Users are currently enjoying larger applications – much like in the 90s when people started to enjoy SMS, MMS, etc.

6. Android’s open nature means that almost anyone can create an application to run on it. And you will find a growing selection of titles available in the Android Market, the platform’s answer to Apple’s App Store.

7. Android OS supports multi-tasking, you can run multiple apps at once. This means you can open a Web page, for example, and as it loads, check for incoming e-mail.

8. The Android OS is no different as it also urges other coders to develop the technology. The end users benefit a lot with more advanced and better applications which certainly increases the phone’s value. In the end, you will get more than what you paid for.