Coldfusion Interview Questions

  1. What is CFCHART engine?
  2. Describe about Clustering?
  3. What is Application Server?
  4. What exactly is ColdFusion?
  5. Describe about string encryption?
  6. Explain about enterprise manager?
  7. Explain the structure of Cold fusion?
  8. Explain the Cold Fusion administrator?
  9. What are the advantages of Cold fusion?
  10. Does ColdFusion work with Adobe Flex?
  11. Explain about ColdFusion administrator?
  12. How can you set the Session Management?
  13. How do we get JavaScript onto a web page?
  14. How do we prevent viewing of source code?
  15. Is it possible to write cold fusion in cold fusion?
  16. What are the benefits of multiple server instances?
  17. What is the working process for ?Application.cfm??
  18. What is java script and what are their functionalities?
  19. What is cold fusion component roles implementation?
  20. Which path is used in the template attribute in the tag?
  21. What is the difference between JavaScript and Jscript?
  22. What is the benefit of extensible gateway architecture?
  23. What does sticky session mean in a web-farm scenario?
  24. Compare Cold fusion with other programming languages?
  25. Is there any facility which prevents viewing of source code?
  26. Describe in detail about programming details in ColdFusion?
  27. What are windows object and navigator object in JavaScript?
  28. What are the methods of validating whether the form is secure?
  29. What is the difference between undefined value and null value?
  30. Explain about some of the features present in ColdFusion MX7?
  31. Which one of the following tags is used for server-side validation?
  32. What are the two primary types of files in a cold fusion application?
  33. State and explain about integrating Coldfusion applications with JSP?
  34. Which of the following would be the last one to capture an exception?
  35. What is the benefit of using Cold fusion from Developer point of view?
  36. Which tag aids us in Debugging and attribute in inter site scripting attack?
  37. How one can provide secured internet applications using adobe ColdFusion?
  38. Describe about the level of security a firm can have while running adobe cold fusion?
  39. What are the different types of resources through which cold fusion can communicate?
  40. Can we modify ColdFusion server code and what are the two open source CFML parsing engines?