How to choose the right domain name

Avoid domain names starting with 0 (zero) since it will send wrong signals to customers. For suppose if we start domain name with 0(zero) like it may give message as no temples information provided in this website. So unless we have good reason for keeping zero in domain name, we should avoid using domain names starting with the digit (0) zero. Don?t Use digit 0 in the domain name , unless it is going to be part of a recognizable word (like 100 or 200),This is because the digit 0 is often confused with the vowel O. incase ?If you? ?feel that you must register a domain with the digit 0, make sure that you also register the corresponding domain containing the vowel O.

  • How to choose the right domain nameIt is good to register a domain name which contains a popular keyword applicable for industry it belongs. This will help the customers to remember the domain name far better. For searches made in Yahoo, a higher ranking will be given to those web sites which contain the keywords in the domain, (but this is not only the ranking factor).
  • If ?we have keyword in the domain name ,we ?will be able to include the keyword in the Title which will improve? ranking especially with ?Yahoo , this can also help to increase the ranking of our web site in some ?other search engines.
  • We can try naming domain names starting with Digit 1, because directories classify websites based on how good they are (or)
    Based on chronological order (or) on reverse chronological order based on the dates the websites are submitted. The other form they classify websites is based on alphabetic order, so try domain names based o alphabetic order.
  • Yahoo which is the mother of all the directories lists web sites alphabetically based on the title that had been submitted. Yahoo wants the title to be the official name of the web site. This shows that websites starting with digit 1 will be placed near the top of the category.
  • Incase if we register domain name starting with digit 1(one) it is also good to register domain with the vowel ? i?? and redirect visitors to the domain containing the digit 1. This is because people will often type vowel ?ist? instead of ?1st? (one) and vice-versa.
  • Create correspondingemails like and?But don?t confuse customers by 2 domain names, this model will help only if we are new to? business.
  • In case if we don?t like to start domain name with 1st? Consider starting domain name with alphabetical letter ?A?,?B?,?C?. Even though domains starting with
  • ?A, B, C? will be listed after 10 digits, we will still?? have pretty high alphabetical placements when we start with:?A, B, or C?.
  • In case if we have registered domain as also? it is good to register ?another domain names as, try to avoid using domains names? that contains ?2? instead of ?to?, ?4? for ?for? and ?u? for ?you?
  • If yours is a serious business website try to register domain name as ?.com”. in case if .com is not available we can? consider registering a “.net” domain, but since most people are familiar with “.com”, it is better to stick to .com for easy recognition.
  • Don?t register domain name too long.
  • Your domain name should also be easy to spell and easy to remember.