How to get started with a career in Journalism :

Over the last few years career in Journalism has changed dramatically as new technology is introduced. Journalism is an exciting career for those who are interested in gathering, reporting, and analyzing information. Though Journalism career looks very glamorous, the actual work is far from it. It requires a lot of hard work, being independent, flexible, creative and highly innovative.

Career in journalism comprise of print media, broadcast media and or in online portals. Print journalism encompasses newspapers, magazines, and journals. Broadcast journalism comprises television, and radio. A wide variety of jobs being employed in large metropolitan and national newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines, along with smaller local publications where many entry-level positions exist.

* In print media you are likely to begin your career as a trainee either in reporting or at the desk. Probably the desk people job involves editing the stories that are sent by reporters and designing pages.

Hence working in the field of journalism requires excellent word-processing skills while computer graphics and desktop-publishing skills are also useful. And it is you decide which news story goes where and what should the length of each news story be while designing the pages.

* In broadcast media, you probably commence your career as a trainee and will be sent on shoots. As a reporter your job involves to cover events happening around you. However, it will be some time before you are allowed to appear in front of the camera to report on events. You can become an anchor, a researcher, a producer, or go into specialized reporting where you will report on news.

Education Qualifications :

Basically there is no need of any degree to be a journalist. However, with competition increasing at a faster pace getting a journalism degree is not very difficult. Almost all universities offer the subject.

For opting career in journalism, you can go for graduation or post graduate course. Perhaps if you prefer to take up in your graduation, it is necessary for you to have cleared your higher secondary with any combination of subjects. If you desire to pursue a post graduation in journalism, be sure that you have completed your graduation in related to any specialization.

Skills :

* Journalism career requires the ability to present information accurately, and not give in to temptation and ramble.

* You will have to learn to organize your thoughts and express them orally and in writing.

* Since you will have to interview all sorts of people you require a lots of patience and confidence.

* You have to be tactful to avoid hurting sentiments.

Pay scale:

If? you are into print media, your pay will depend on the circulation and the popularity of the newspaper/magazine. If you choose to freelance, you will be paid for every article you submit, and you won?t be getting a salary. While you are pursuing a journalism course, it will help to intern if you write for newspapers. ?If you are into broadcast media, you will start off with a pay of Rs. 20,000 a month.