HR Administrator Interview Questions

The HR administrator interview questions are for those people who are sitting in an interview of this job post. The HR administrator is the person in the company who is responsible for all kind of HR related matters. He has to screen all those resumes that are submitted to the company for recruitments, he has to prepare drafts of required skills and qualifications for prospective candidates and he is responsible to manage the employee relations and maintain the records of employees. The interview questions for HR administrator are to judge the eligibility of the candidate for this post.

  1. What is your salary expectation from this job profile?
  2. Differentiate between hard work and smart work? What would you prefer and why?
  3. How you will motivate an employee whose performance is going down?
  4. How much do you know about provident fund remittance procedure and other claims and benefits given to the employees?
  5. Define the major tasks of a HR administrator?
  6. What kind of employee related matters create troubles for the organization? Explain with your experience?
  7. What is employee planning?
  8. What kind of overall team behavior you would like to ensure in an organization to enhance the overall performance of the organization?
  9. Explain the eligibility criteria for different recruitments in a company and also what are the present demands or expectation of employers from a fresher?
  10. First, tell us about your academic qualification for this job and your previous experience in this field as HR administrator?