Informatica Power Center Editions

Since every data integration project is different and includes many variables such as data volumes, latency requirements, IT infrastructure, and methodologies?Informatica offers three Power Center Editions and a suite of Power Center Options to meet your project?s and organization?s specific needs.

Standard Edition
Real Time Edition
Advanced Edition
Cloud Edition

Informatica Power Center Standard Edition:

Power Center Standard Edition is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform for discovering, accessing, and integrating data from virtually any business system, in any format, and delivering that data throughout the enterprise to improve operational efficiency.

Features Power Center Standard Edition:

* A high-performance data integration server
* A global metadata infrastructure
* Visual tools for development and centralized administration
* Productivity tools to facilitate collaboration among architects, analysts, and developers.

Informatica Power Center Real Time Edition:

Packaged for simplicity and flexibility, Power Center Real Time Edition extends Power Center Standard Edition with additional capabilities for integrating and provisioning transactional or operational data in real-time. Power Center Real Time Edition provides the ideal platform for developing sophisticated data services and delivering timely information as a service, to support all business needs.

It provides the perfect real-time data integration complement to service-oriented architectures, application integration approaches, such as enterprise application integration (EAI), enterprise service buses (ESB), and business process management (BPM).

Features Power Center Real Time Edition:

* Change data capture for relational data sources
* Integration with messaging systems
* Built-in support for Web services
* Dynamic partitioning with data smart parallelism
* Process orchestration and human workflow capabilities

Informatica Power Center Advanced Edition:

Power Center Advanced Edition addresses requirements for organizations that are Standardizing data integration at an enterprise level, across a number of projects and departments. It combines all the capabilities of Power Center Standard Edition and features additional capabilities that are ideal for data governance and Integration Competency Centers.

A scalable enterprise data integration platform, Informatica PowerCenter Advanced Edition lets you discover, access, and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at any speed. PowerCenter Advanced Edition is the ideal platform for standardizing data integration at an enterprise level, across numerous projects and departments.

Features Power Center Advanced Edition:

* Dynamic partitioning with data smart parallelism
* Powerful metadata analysis capabilities
* Web-based data profiling and reporting capabilities

PowerCenter Advanced Edition is broadly used across a wide spectrum of data integration initiatives, such as:

* B2B data exchange
* Data migration
* Data synchronization
* Data warehousing
* Master data management

Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition:

Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition?the world’s first cloud data integration infrastructure?enables seamless integration of data in the cloud and in on-premise systems. Informatica PowerCenter Cloud Edition runs on Amazon EC2 and integrates data across data sources in the cloud and in the Enterprise and AWS data stores such as S3, Simple DB and RDS.

The Informatica Cloud Data Integration solution delivers the greatest flexibility for accessing, integrating, and trusting cloud data.

Features PowerCenter Cloud Edition:

* Unlimited scalability with built-in data partitioning support
* Supports any data processing latency, including batch, trickle feed, and real time
* Connectivity to data sources both in the cloud and on premise and the ability to move data across the two PowerCenter Cloud Edition requires no upfront capital procurement costs. It?s easy to start and ramp up?you can add more capacity in a matter of minutes. And you can deploy data integration projects quickly. Sign up now to extend your data integration projects in the cloud.