Interview Management Skills

Interview Management Skills

For a successful interview some interview management skills are required for a candidate who is seeking job in a corporate company. There are many types of interviews that are conducted for the selection of a right candidate from the interview process like Behavioral Interview, Competency Interviews, Group or Panel Interviews and Telephone Interviews.

Before the date of an interview do some research about the company. Look at the company website, review business through newspapers and magazines or talk to employees of the company.

Check the company?s financial status like how is the company doing? Is the company growing? Does the company have a history of layoffs? Basic trends and growth in the industry.

Greet everyone you meet the receptionist or secretary with a friendly smile and respect since research indicates that two-thirds of bosses say that the opinions of their receptionists and secretaries influence them.

There are particular interview management skills you need to focus like in the Opening stage of an interview you must manage to have Eye contact, Smiling, Handshake and Greeting and Posture which builds the rapport between you and interviewer.

The Interpersonal and chemistry building about giving information about yourself where you need to avoid vague and abstract answers. Don?t tell lie or give false statements, otherwise it will be difficult to manage the situations. Reply clear cut and to the point. No nervousness or down heartedness in the interview room. Let the questions be completed then think and then speak the answers.

Organizational fit and asking questions of the interviewer. Communication is both Verbal and Non-Verbal since how you say the words accounts vocal tone, inflection, rate, volume, and pitch. And Non-verbal communication accounts your posture, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. You should always be able to communicate your strengths whether you are asked or not.

Don?t argue or enter into controversies. Bringing the Interview to a Close. The last impression is powerful. Don?t take the initiative to shake hands yourself. If they do, then you must respond with soft and firm hand shake. Ask any questions you may have. If you want you can ask the interviewer for a business card.