Java Beans Interview Questions

  1. What is EJB object ?
  2. What is EJB context ?
  3. What is EJB Home object ?
  4. Write a simple bean program?
  5. What is enterprise bean provider?
  6. What is bean persistance property?
  7. What is property editor in java beans?
  8. What are the properties of java beans?
  9. What are the purpose of introspection?
  10. What is enterprise information system ?
  11. Why are component architectures useful?
  12. What are introspection API in java beans?
  13. How to control serialization in java beans?
  14. What is the serializable class in java beans?
  15. How does the Info Bus relate to Java Beans?
  16. What is introspection properties in java beans?
  17. What is Enterprise Java Beans Query Language?
  18. What is the relation between the Info Bus and RMI?
  19. Is Java Beans a complete component architecture?
  20. How to create bound property in bean application?
  21. What kind of industry support exists for Java Beans?
  22. Will the general public have access to the Info Bus API’s?
  23. What is the relationship between Sun’s JFCs and Java Beans?
  24. Why do I get a duplicate name error when loading a JAR file?
  25. How to implement a bound property in your bean application?
  26. Are there Java Beans components available that I can buy today?
  27. Why is the Java Beans Bridge for ActiveX only available on Windows/X86?
  28. What is the relationship between Enterprise Java Beans and Java Beans?
  29. What are the security implications for downloading Beans over the Internet?
  30. How and when will the Java Beans Migration Assistant to ActiveX be available?