Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung cancer generally does not show any signs and symptoms in the early stages. The symptoms appear in the advance stage of lung cancer.

The symptoms include

a persistent cough that doesn’t go away,

Coughing up blood

Shortness of breath

Pain in the Chest

Wheezing and Hoarseness

Unexplained weight Loss

Swelling of face and neck.

Headache and Bones pain


Treatment for lung cancer includes the a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and radiation therapy and also newer experimental methods.


LUng cancer can be prevented to some extent, but not all the lung cancers can be prevented.  by following these tips you can lower the risk of lung cancer.

Stay away from tobacco and quit smoking.

Avoid exposure to passive tobacco.

Avoid exposure to the radon gas and other cancer causing chemicals

Avoid beta-carotene supplements

Eat healthy. include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Exercise and do physical activity regularly.

so changing the lifestyle and eating habits, reduce your risk of developing lung cancer.