Multimedia Interview Questions

  1. What is OBEX?
  2. What is multimedia?
  3. What is mean by Rigging?
  4. How can I play a SMIL file?
  5. What is the arc in animation?
  6. What is a ambeant acclusion?
  7. How can I stream a SMIL file?
  8. What can I do with this library?
  9. What is SVG and what is VML?
  10. What are Multimedia Softwares?
  11. What are Multimedia Hardwares?
  12. What is the meaning of multimedia?
  13. Can I use my own material in SMIL?
  14. What is the multimedia in animation?
  15. Where is multimedia technology used?
  16. What are the applications of Multimedia?
  17. Can you write to the file system from flex?
  18. What are the Multimedia Authoring Tools?
  19. Can I arrange a multichannel live streaming?
  20. How compatible is Multimedia with Internet?
  21. Can I play a SMIL file on Windows Media Player?
  22. How do we call JavaScript from Flex action script?
  23. How well the technology can be used in the future?
  24. What is a drag manager in adobe flex action script?
  25. How do you implement push with flex data services?
  26. Can I edit a SMIL file created by Preview Navigator?
  27. What is the Scene of Multimedia application in India?
  28. How does assembly versioning in .NET prevent DLL Hell?
  29. Why can’t view a video taken with phone in media players?
  30. Why can’t I transfer java games with Motorola Phone Tools?
  31. Why can’t open an image file that have transferred to phone?
  32. What are the important components of Multimedia Production?
  33. How do transfer sounds in v5 to phone to be used as a ringtone?
  34. After aborting a file transfer, why communication loss happens?
  35. What are the methods called when a UI component is initialized?
  36. Which are the other areas where Multimedia components are used?
  37. Why is the picture or ringtone for a contact not restored when perform a restore to the phone?
  38. What is the basic Hardware and Software required for creating a simple Multimedia Presentation?
  39. If a font contains kerning and ligature info, does an SVG renderer apply these transformations?
  40. How to transfer pics that taken with the phone, to desktop with Motorola Phone Tools? Can also transfer pics from desktop to the phone?