PL-SQL Interview Questions

  1. What is ref cursor?
  2. What is Data type?
  3. What is PL/SQL table?
  4. What is Set Transaction?
  5. What is a stored procedure?
  6. How to debug the procedure?
  7. What is Character Functions?
  8. What is Correlated Sub query?
  9. What are two parts of package?
  10. What is Raise_application_error?
  11. What are the two parts of a procedure?
  12. Operators used in Select statements are?
  13. What will happen after commit statement?
  14. What are the components of a PL/SQL block?
  15. How we can create a table through procedure?
  16. Where the Pre_defined_exceptions are stored?
  17. What are the Restrictions on Cursor Variables?
  18. What are the data types a available in PL/SQL?
  19. State the advantage and disadvantage of Cursor?
  20. The most important DDL statements in SQL are?
  21. What is pl/sql? What are the advantages of pl/sql?
  22. What is meant by forward declaration in functions?
  23. How to disable multiple triggers of a table at a time?
  24. What is difference between a Procedures & Functions?
  25. Explain the usage of Where Current OF clause in cursors?
  26. Explain rowid, rownum? What are the pseduocolumns we have?
  27. What is a database trigger? Name some usages of database trigger?
  28. Explain how procedures and functions are called in a PL/SQL block?
  29. What are two virtual tables available during database trigger execution?
  30. Which set of statements will successfully invoke this function within SQL*Plus?
  31. How many types of database triggers can be specified on a table? What are they?
  32. What is trigger, cursor, functions in pl-sql and we need sample programs about it?
  33. What occurs if a procedure or function terminates with failure without being handled?
  34. How to avoid using cursors? What to use instead of cursor and in what cases to do so?
  35. What happens if a procedure that updates a column of table X is called in a database trigger of the same table?
  36. Name the tables where characteristics of Package, procedure and functions are stored?
  37. What is the starting “oracle error number”?
  38. What is difference between stored procedures and application procedures, stored function and application function?
  39. What is difference between a Cursor declared in a procedure and Cursor declared in a package specification?
  40. What is the maximum number of handlers processed before the PL/SQL block is exited when an exception occurs?