Skin care tips


Skin is one of the most vital organs in any living body. The basic job of skin is to protect the body. Since it has a great job to do, we should also take good care of it. Having your skin treated properly will not only make you look attractive but also increases your confidence level. For good care of your skin, first you need to know your skin type.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water- As obvious as it sounds, people simply do not drink enough water. Skin is one of the last organs to be completely hydrated, namely because of the body’s other organs and because skin is the largest organ in the body, so it takes plenty of water to attain a proper level of hydration.
  2. You need to get fit and healthy if you want your skin to shine. If you look at most people who take care of their body by working out and eating healthy food like organic fruits, vegetables, and nuts etc and they have good nutrition?s for excellent skin.
  3. You can never get too much sunscreen. Apply 30 minutes before going out, and re-apply after swimming or sweating. If you will be staying under the sun the whole day, apply every 2 hours. A sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 is sufficient.
  4. Milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products have been linked to bad skin breakouts. In recent years, research has shown that dairy is inflammatory, which means that it leads to redness, swelling, and pus-all of which can worsen pimples. Try to stay away from them.
  5. It’s fine to have the occasional glass of wine or a cocktail, but excess drinking can age you fast. Both cigarettes and booze contain toxins that are terrible for your skin. Smokers are well-noted for having premature aging due to constantly pursing their lips around a smoke, and the deadly toxins in cigarettes. Smokers will generally form wrinkles at a much younger age, and those that hit the bottle hard will develop early wrinkles and have blotchy skin.
  6. Too much sodium dehydrates you, leaving you with wrinkly, aged-looking skin. So reduce using salt in your daily intakes.
  7. Avoid using creams that contain hard substances and chemicals like parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, alcohol and fragrances.
  8. Stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sun exposure causes age spots to develop on your skin. Protect yourself by using sunscreen of SPF 15 and over. The UV rays of the sun stimulate the activities of free radicals which cause your collagen and elastin levels to decrease making your skin sag and wrinkled.
Skin care tips
For good care of your skin, first you need to know your skin type.