Tips on how to improve voice clarity

Tips on how to improve voice clarity

Focus on your voice

Check out whether you are speaking too slow or too fast?

Whether your voice is audible to your audience?

Most of the people speak very fast during presentation. Perhaps this may happen out of nervousness.

Tips on how to improve voice clarityIf you feel yourself speaking very fast slowdown it. Practice with the help of a recorder and you can see whether you are improving or not. Assure that you sound natural while you improve your clarity.

Try to use microphone during speech, it can help you to a certain extent.
You can ask the audience sitting in the back side whether they can hear your voice. As per their opinion you can adjust your volume. It does not mean that for every few minutes you should ask them. Try to maintain the same pace through out your speech.

Develop your English:

People who lack good communication always fail to give good presentation. This communication barrier is big obstacle for every one. More resources are there for improving your language. As soon as possible learn the language well and get feed back from others. Always remember that for a better presentation good communication skill is very much essential.

To make your speech more effective you tell some jokes .So you can keep them active through out your speech. At the same time make sure that your speech is audible to all audience. Try to maintain the same pace until you finish your speech. There are lots of things that can help you to improve your clarity. Find out what you require to improve your clarity and try it.

Focus on your language:

Analyze yourself asking questions like are you using the terms or words that are unfamiliar with the audience?

Are you mispronouncing words?

Some people use the language that other people can not understand. Some people do this in order to show their word power. Try to use the language that is easily understandable. Try not to use more technical term in your speech.

Avoid mispronunciation and misuse of words which affect your speech badly. You can seek the help of audio programs to avoid your mistakes.