Types Of Interviews

Types Of Interviews

The recruiters and employers look for bright candidates to fit their requirement for the job or vacancy in their company. An interview can be a difficult thing, be it preparing for an interview or facing one. The interview is used to determine whether you are qualified for the position. Also one important thing as the job seeker is, you should make use of the interview to determine whether you can be successful in the available position.

Types Of InterviewsThere are ways in which you can learn and prepare for an interview in such a manner that you are able to present a confident and dynamic self something that interviewers want to see in a job candidate.

There are different types of interviews that are conducted. Some of the different types of interviews tips that you will find here are

Behavioral interview
Group panel interview
Technical interviews
Exit interview and
Screening interview.
Mealtime interview

Screening interview:

The first phase of an interview can be termed as a general interview or even as screening interview. The main purpose of this type of interview is to segregate the suitable and non-suitable candidates. Those who are selected move to the next round of interviews.

Technical interviews

Technical interviews are held for technical job placements such as an engineering job or a computer software programmer job. The interviewer will have a certain agenda for each candidate usually based on his/her field of expertise. A technical interview can be very tough if you are not sound in the field, the interviewer can grind you extensively till the time they know for sure whether or not you are completely qualified for the position you seek.

Mealtime interview

Another form of interview to face if you make it to the latter rounds of the interview is the mealtime interview. The interviewers judge you on who you will carry yourself when dealing with clients over a luncheon or when you are hosting a gathering.

Phone interview

An increasing number of organizations are choosing to use the phone interviewing method to screen candidates before calling them for the actual interview. The main thought behind conducting a phone interview is to allow the company to verify the basic details of the applicant while also scrutinizing his/her basic English speaking skills, enthusiasm for the job and also do a check on the details you have mentioned in your resume.

When you are submitting your resume along with the job application do not forget to mention what time of the day you will be available as the company will call you at such a time. Be prepared for the interview and always have a copy of your resume with you in case you need it.

Exit interviews

Exit interviews are interviews conducted by a company when an employee is leaving the company. The primary reason for conducting or taking such an interview is to know why the employee is resigning or leaving his job at the company. The exit interview is conducted by either the HR manager or someone who is responsible for recruitment in the company.

During the interview the employee?s boss or immediate senior is not invited thus allowing the person to be open and candid regarding his/her decision to leave the company. There is also a form that accompanies the interview where in the reasons for the employees departure from the company, overall experience and feedback is noted.