Types of link Bait

Although there are no clear subdivisions in link bait , we can divide them according to like approches and descriptions.

Informational link : In this method we provide information to the reader which he finds intresting, we provide some rare tips and tricks or personal experience in which readers can benefit.

News link : Through this method we provide fresh information and we obtain citations and links as the news spreads.
Humor Link : In this process we tell a funny story or a joke. We provide a cartoon images and get link by them.

Evil Link: In this method we say something evil things like saying some thing unpopular or things which may yield much attention , writing something about a product which is not appeling, we need to provide strong reason for this.

types of link baitsTool link : we create some tool that is usefull to the visitors of our website and people link to it.

Widget hooks: In this method we create a tool that can be placed or embedded on other websites , with a link to our site included.

Forum Linking : This is a technique used to build back links to a website. This is the process of using forum communities that allow outbound hyperlinks in their members signature. This is one of the fast method to build up inbound links to any website. This process also brings targetted traffic to our website. Any forum with no follow attribute will have no actual search engine optimization value.