Web Sphere Portal Interview Questions

  1. Explain Portal architecture?
  2. Explain about compute Grid?
  3. What is PortletContext interface?
  4. Explain about extended deployment?
  5. Explain about web sphere commerce?
  6. What are the JBoss portal server features?
  7. Explain about IBM Web Sphere edge server?
  8. Detail about the architecture of web sphere?
  9. What are the two types of rendering portlets?
  10. Explain about Web sphere MQ JMS Provider?
  11. State some of the features present in web sphere?
  12. Why portals nedded or what are the use of portals?
  13. Explain about web sphere MQ Real time transport?
  14. Explain the attribute CHANNEL in web sphere MQ?
  15. How to set limits on searches for users and groups?
  16. What portal resources are scoped for virtual portal?
  17. Explain about the security features present in WAS?
  18. What are the different states of the syndication process?
  19. What is LDAP realm support and why would I want to use it?
  20. Explain about caching proxy of IBM Web sphere Edge sphere?
  21. Explain about the network deployment feature present in WAS?
  22. What is the purpose of Release Builder tool in Web Sphere Portal?
  23. How to change the default portal URI /wps/portal after installation?
  24. List different types of user registry supported by Web Sphere Portal?
  25. What is the difference between Application Server and Portal Server?
  26. List me the steps involved in building a release in Web Sphere Portal?
  27. Explain the types of portals, Function-based portals and User-based portals?
  28. How do you enable temporary and extended trace logging for Web Sphere Portal?
  29. Is the naming of connection factory independent of the name specified by JMS client?
  30. What are the 3 different ways of installing a portlet application in Web Sphere Portal?