Websphere Interview Questions

  1. What is WebSphere?
  2. Explain about web sphere?
  3. Explain about compute Grid?
  4. Explain the architecture of WebSphere?
  5. Explain about IBM Web Sphere edge server?
  6. Explain about Web sphere MQ JMS Provider?
  7. Explain about the network deployment feature present in WAS?
  8. What is the difference between Web Server and Application Server?
  9. Explain about IBM web sphere integration developer?
  10. Explain about caching proxy of IBM Web sphere Edge sphere?
  11. What are the different application servers and Web Servers supporting J2EE technology?s?
  12. Explain about web sphere commerce?
  13. State some of the features present in web sphere?
  14. Explain about web sphere MQ Real time transport?
  15. Explain about asymmetric clustering?
  16. Explain the attribute CHANNEL in web sphere MQ?
  17. Explain about extended deployment?
  18. Detail about the architecture of web sphere?
  19. How to choose websphere over other application servers?
  20. How many ways can you deploy applications in websphere?
  21. What Development Environment(s) are available to develop applications for WebSphere?
  22. Explain about the security features present in WAS?
  23. What types of files are required to deploy an application into Web sphere. How can they be installed?
  24. Is the naming of connection factory independent of the name specified by JMS client?
  25. State some of the features present in web sphere?
  26. How would use ensure Web Sphere server logs are created on a different drive than the installation root?
  27. How to implement JDBC-ODBC bridge driver (Type 1) in Web sphere?
  28. What are deployment descriptors? How many types of Deployment descriptors are available? What are they?
  29. Is there any difference between web logic and websphere?
  30. Detail about the architecture of web sphere?
  31. What is the WebSphere Application Server Console and what is it’s role? What is the default URL and port for accessing it?