insurance amrketingInsurance Marketing Tips


Insurance is an aggressive field full of agent competition and big company competition, which may result in agent and company deception to customers. Much more challenging, is the community that does not understand the incredible importance of insurance. So to begin with, you need to establish yourself as an ethical and knowledgeable insurance agent. Building trust right away with prospects and customers will go a long way.

  1. Include local emergency numbers like the fire department, police, poison control, etc. Include your contact information and the phone number for claims. Customers will be glad to carry such a valuable card around in their wallet, and they will always have your information in their pocket! Referrals are the cheapest and easiest form of insurance agency marketing.
  2. As more and more people are using the internet and searching for insurance, it has become increasingly important in today’s society to be advertising on the internet.75 percent of households have access to the internet. This is a cost effective way to gain exposure on a national and local level.
  3. Many companies like to advertise in the same areas, so you need to be there.Since insurance companies are always looking to find new agents to join their company, they know that many “insurance agents to be” are reading these particular journals and periodicals. As with television and print ads, you’ll most likely want to consult with or hire an outside advertising agency to help you build a campaign that best suits your agency and the insurance products you sell.
  4. Insurance brokers match up their clients with insurance coverage products with little difference between each other except for price. Therefore, agents must differentiate themselves from their competitors based on the service they offer. Creating a reputation for excellent service, or for some aspect of service, can become the marketing you need when you start a systematic referral program.
  5. Social media networking helps insurance companies engage with their clients or prospects. It involves commenting on forums, creating business pages on social networking sites and writing regular blog posts. The best way to start a Social Media Campaign is by setting a Facebook Page. A Facebook page is a great way to inform all you clients and prospects on what your agency is doing.
  6. If you are a agent of insurance products that are considered as wide range, you might be able to build revenues just like fast via selling much more for every individual, family, or company instead of acquiring brand new ones. The right time to do that is whenever the customers are initially triggered board, as they might be interested within minimizing their own risk within multiple places while they have insurance on the minds.