What is the Difference between Labour and Employee

Labour = Wages, Blue color worker

Employee= Salary, White color employee.

Employee means person employed. He may be a labour, clerk, Operator, technician etc. In general sense people will be called the office staff as employees.

From legal perspective Labours is ?generally termed as workman and all Labour Laws are applicable to them/they are privileged by all such acts. All labour is also employee

While Employees are of “Executive/Supervisory cadre” and they are not covered by all but few like PF, Gratuity, Factories Act etc. All employees are not labour.

Labour and employee

?Labour: Operator, Worker, Grade W-1 onwards, Welder, Fitter etc. Labour doing physical job, under some supervisor cadre. Labour means Daily wage manual labour engaged for work.

Supervisor: Supervisor, Foreman, Accountant, Cashier, Engineer, Grade E- 1 onwards etc. Supervisor follows the instructions of manager.

Manager: Manager, Asst. Manager, Deputy Manager, General Manager etc. Manager follows the instructions of Management or OWNER.

All of the above are employees.