How to become a SAS Programmer

Businesses rely on career professionals with strong SAS knowledge and skills, including thousands of SAS certified professionals around the world. Derived from Statistical Analysis System, SAS software products are used across several industries.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a programming language that allows you to manipulate and retrieve data from an existing database. Becoming a SAS programmer takes time. Getting a job as a SAS programmer is not easy.

SAS programmers create data management and analysis solutions for their companies. Employers require individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree program in computer science, statistics or an industry-specific field.

Eligibility to become SAS Programmer:

Employers prefer SAS programmers who have completed a computer science or statistics bachelor’s degree program. Relevant coursework includes data analysis, databases, probability and statistical modeling. aspiring SAS programmers interested in the financial industry can supplement an economics or accounting degree program with computer programming coursework.

Employers need SAS programmers to create solutions for data analysis problems, define data columns and create reports. Additionally, programmers are expected to be familiar with integrating SAS data with SQL databases and spreadsheet software. Programmers can expect to work with data analysts and may have some overlapping duties.

So Students can begin to acquire work experience by participating in internships, which may provide students with specialized industry knowledge.

Skills required for SAS Programmer:

Though certification is not compulsory, but it validates basic skills and provide an advantage for employment and advancement opportunities
Once you have knowledge of computer programming and SAS, you might consider earning certification from SAS. The company offers both a Certified Base Programmer and a Certified Advanced Programmer designation for its SAS products.

In order to earn certification, you must pass an examination proving that you can manage SAS software to manipulate data, transport raw data files, create summary reports using SAS procedures and combine SAS data sets.

Getting SAS Programmer Job:

Network to get into a SAS programmer job, you usually need to know someone. Some businesses might hire you as an SAS programmer to work specifically with SAS software. Other companies might hire you to work as a more general information technology, human resources or financial management professional who is also familiar with SAS programming.

SAS programmers may find work managing and analyzing data sources in several industries. Some of these include health care providers, financial institutions and recruiting, staffing and pharmaceutical companies. Any type of organization that handles large volumes of data might hire you as an SAS programmer. You might then move into other positions, such as a senior statistician, statistical analyst, SAS consultant, SAS specialist or data manager.

Hence SAS programmer designs implement and maintain computer programs using Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software.