Incoming Links


Incoming links are of 2 types.

1. (Links from sites we control)
2. (Links from sites we don?t control)

Links pointing to a website from other related sites is called incoming link popularity. To find link popularity for a website or which sites are linking to our website or competitors website? we need to go to Google search box and enter ?link:? followed by domain name with out using ?WWW?

For example:

incoming links1. Links from sites we control

It is good to do cross linking of our web sites. Select keywords that describe the site we are linking to. The reason for doing this is because some of the major search engines, such as Google, place a great importance on the text used within, and close to, links.

2. Links from sites we don’t control

There are two ways of finding sites to link to our website. The best way to get other sites to link to our website is to ask them politely. And the best way to find likely candidates is to ask web sites that link to your competition.

Once we? have compiled a list of related sites, add a link of those website to? our web site. Then send an email to each web site owner informing them that we have linked to their site and politely ask them for a link back to our site.

Another way of finding sites to link to our web site? is to find web? sites that accept site submissions. To find such web sites, visit a search engine, such as Google, and search for:

“add url” ?keyword”

Include the quotation marks to ensure the search engine only return pages with the exact search phrases we? enter. Also try replacing, “add url” with one of the following sets of search phrases:

add site +keyword
add link +keyword
Submit url +keyword
Submit site,
Submit link,

we? can also find site submission pages by searching for the actual page.? By replacing the “add url” search phrase with one of the following page names we get? the submission pages.

addurl.html, addsite.html, addlink.html.

submiturl.html, submitsite.html, submitlink.html.

Add-url.html, add-site.html, add-link.html,

Submit-url.html, submit-site.html, submit-link.html,

add_url.html, add_site.html, add_link.html,

submit_url.html, submit_site.html, submit_link.html