MS-DOS Interview Questions

  1. What are dos files?
  2. Explain ROM DOS?
  3. Explain why DOS is still in use?
  4. Who was the first founder of DOS?
  5. How can I access a FAT32 partition?
  6. What are the advantages of MS-DOS?
  7. How can I access the internet with DOS?
  8. How do you copy a folder using ms-dos?
  9. How do you change the directory in dos?
  10. Does Windows 98 run on top of MS-DOS?
  11. Explain PTS DOS COMMAND.COM patch?
  12. Explain the terms MS-DOS and WINDOWS?
  13. How can I make my CD drive run with DOS?
  14. What are different external commands of DOS?
  15. What is the difference between UNIX and DOS?
  16. Can you open a website in dos operating system?
  17. How can I use more than 64 MB RAM with DOS?
  18. What are three files required to boot a dos partition?
  19. What is a single user operating system and a network?
  20. How can I create hotkeys (like F1-F12) on my system?
  21. How can I make my CD-ROM drive work with PS-DOS?
  22. What are the Different Disk Operating Systems (DOSes)?
  23. What is the difference between DOS and the DOS prompt?
  24. What type of memory management does MS-DOS support?
  25. What is the difference in booting the Windows and the DOS?
  26. How can I get as much free conventional memory as possible?
  27. What sequence does DOS load its system files during process?
  28. Which command will restore a backup of the Registry from DOS?
  29. What does DOS mean when it tells you bad command or file name?
  30. Difference between MS-DOS and Window XP Memory Management?
  31. The instructions say at the dos prompt type win where is the dos prompt?
  32. How do you find the list of programs currently being executed in ms dos?
  33. Can I configure my system to boot Windows 9x/ME/2000/NT x.x and DOS?
  34. How can I enable support for long file names (LFN), like the ones Windows 95 offers?
  35. What are IPC Mechanisms available in DOS and how can you make processes communicate in DOS?
  36. You want to list all files with an RTF extension in current diectory.what DOS command should you use?
  37. How does dos know you have made changes to auto exec bat so dos can put the changes into effect?
  38. What are the Disadvantages of using MS-DOS operating system over windows operating systems?
  39. You have a CD ROM in your DOS machine but you are not getting the prompt for drive D how do you make DOS recognise your CD ROM?
  40. What three os files are necessary to boot to ms-dos mode what is the function of each what additional two files are not required but are used if they are present?