Oracle Apps Technical Interview Questions

  1. What is Flex Field?
  2. What are User Exits?
  3. What are AP setup steps?
  4. What id recurring invoices?
  5. Which module is not a multiorg?
  6. What is the RFQ Report from PO?
  7. What are the setup steps for testing?
  8. What can we find TEMPLATE.FMB file?
  9. What are the setup steps for AP, AR, GL?
  10. How dou you enable trace/debug in apps?
  11. What are the steps in Customer Interface?
  12. What are different types of Journal entries?
  13. How to handle errors in Customer interface?
  14. How to register tables and columns in AOL?
  15. How to attach reports in Oracle Applications?
  16. Can you use REF cursors in CUSTOM library?
  17. How to take care of null values in SQL Loader?
  18. What is ICA (Internet Computing Architecture)?
  19. What are Summary Accounts and Rollup groups?
  20. Can you call APPCORE library in CUSTOM library?
  21. What is one of the limitations of Forms Personalization?
  22. What are the different types of files used in SQL Loader?
  23. How many Flex fields are there in AR and what are they?
  24. Does oracle support partitioning of tables in Oracle Apps?
  25. What are the steps to register concurrent programs in Apps?
  26. When form builder open which trigger will fire first and last?
  27. Do you have to register feeder programs of interface to AOL?
  28. How can you achieve ZOOM functionality using personalization?
  29. What are different report triggers and what is their firing sequence?
  30. How can you handle multiple rows without using loops in PL/SQL?
  31. What are different types of invoices and what is a recurring invoice?
  32. What are the different types of value sets and also explain each briefly?
  33. If any conflict occurs in FSG the who will override Column Set or Row Set?
  34. What are User Exits and what are different types of User Exits in Oracle Apps?
  35. What are the types of Concurrent Managers? Can we delete a Concurrent Manager?
  36. Which responsibility do you need to extract Self Service Personalizations?
  37. How can you restrict the access (to oracle apps) to a group of users using personalization?
  38. What are the different types of Value sets and expalin them briefly which value set will use when?
  39. I want to know what is the column link between OM and AR and also the link between AR and GL?
  40. If I stopped the concurrent manager, then where and how I can see that concurrent manager is stoped or not?