Survival Tips For Group Interview

Survival Tips For Group Interview

How to prepare for group discussion?

What is Group Discussion?

When facing an interview most of the candidates are sorted out in the Group Discussion round. The Group Discussion also called as GD is the toughest part of the interview. In a group discussion the interviewer give a topic to the interviewees on which they have to speak out their views either on positive side or on the negative side. In this round the number of the interviewees are from 5 to 10. It changes from company to company. If the interviewees are much more than the number of the post in the company, then the company can take a large number of interviewees per one GD round.

Survival Tips For Group InterviewIt is only the best way to sort out the candidates from an interview. On the completion of this GD round, the interviewer will select only 1 or 2 persons out of those many people.

What are the main things we have to learn while attending an interview?

1. Looks- The first impression is the best impression. Here it comes with your looks. How well you dressed up on the day of the interview. The nice clothing will also improve the level of confidence in you. Your well dressing will also affects the view of the interviewer. Some time in the Group discussion if you impress the interviewer with your looks than the percentage of getting success in the GD round is automatically increases while comparing to others.

2. Fear- Take out the words Fear from your mind that you are not a brilliant student. Think that the interviewees sitting with you in that interview are not more intelligent than you. Try to mingle with the other candidates in the interview to remove your fear from your inside.

3. Time to speak- Time is a main factor in any field. Selecting a right time to speak is plus point to catch the attention of the crowd in the group discussion. While speaking speak slow with clear pronunciation, so that everyone can understand your points. Do not speak less than 2 minutes if it is personal introduction round.

4. Who are you: Try to understand yourself before attending an interview. The general question in the interview is ?Tell me about yourself?. It is the very strong question in the interview. Be honest most of the time. Try to prepare your profile as per the post requirement is there.

Tips to get success in the Group Discussion.

1. News papers: Reading news paper not only gives you the knowledge about the current affairs but also make aware of the new English words and improve your vocabulary skills. Reading loudly will improve your reading speed and accent.

2. Mirror: The mirror shows our inner feelings. When we try to speak in front of the mirror we can easily judge our expression while we talking with others. We can improve our expression as well as the way of talking with other by practicing before a mirror. It will also improve your confidence level and the chance of clearing the GD successfully.

3. Discuss the topic which you learn today with your family or friends: Daily discuss a topic which you learn today with your friends and family member. You can take the help of your friends and the family members to rectify your faults while speaking. Assume your mom and dad as the interviewer and ask them to give a topic of their choice. You will now have to speak on that topic. While you speaking about the topic , put a question tag and confirm your view with any of the other member in the room, for ex: isn’t it Mr. xyz, cant it possible, etc. , then say thanks for confirmation and continue on your topic.

#Note: Group Discussion (GD) is not a debate competition. Be polite and loud your voice so that your view can reach to the hear of each and every other person in the GD. Do not fight in the GD even though you think that he is wrong. Try to listen the views of the other members in the group discussion clearly and respond according to that. Listening is also a part of GD. Thats it!!! Just take a good sleep on the night before the day of the interview and rock the interview with a cool and piece mind. All the best.