VB Script Interview Questions

  1. What are Variants?
  2. What is JavaScript?
  3. How Do I Use Arrays?
  4. Why use Style Sheets?
  5. Explain about .swf files?
  6. Explain about VB Script?
  7. Explain about scrrun.dll?
  8. How Do I Declare Variables?
  9. What is the scope of a variable?
  10. Explain about filter expression?
  11. Explain about the Asc function?
  12. How Do I Implement VBScript?
  13. Explain some uses of VB Script?
  14. Explain about Tristate constants?
  15. How Do I Re-Dimension Arrays?
  16. What Is a Group Selector in CSS?
  17. How to assign values to a variable?
  18. Explain about arrays in VB Script?
  19. Compare JavaScript and VBScript?
  20. What is event handling in VBScript?
  21. Which Platforms Support VBScript?
  22. Which Browsers Support VBScript?
  23. Is VBScript Better Than JavaScript?
  24. Compare Java Script and VB Script?
  25. Explain about ADODB.Stream class?
  26. Explain about constants in VB Script?
  27. What are string functions in VBScript?
  28. What Is a Contextual Selector in CSS?
  29. Where Can I Find VBScript Documentation?
  30. Explain about Tristate constants in VBScript?
  31. Explain about the functionality of VB Script?
  32. Explain about operator precedence in VB Script?
  33. Where should my script be within the document?
  34. How do you create a recordset object in VBScript?
  35. Explain about the support of ASP for VB Script functionality?
  36. What is The Difference Between a Sub-Procedure and a Function?
  37. How to send content of a file line by line to a batch file as a parameter?
  38. What are the different types of operators and their order of precedence?
  39. What Is The Difference Between the Dim, Public, and Private Statements?
  40. Give examples where VB script can directly run on users system with Windows as OS?