referral  mrketingReferral Marketing Tips


One of the less strategic types of marketing, referral marketing relies on a company?s customers to refer new customers to that company. Also called word of mouth marketing, this is a more spontaneous way of receiving new business, and can not be solely relied on because results aren?t very predictable. However, word of mouth is still a powerful part of a company?s efforts to bring in new business, especially in the social media community where communication travels freely.

  1. Send out introductory letters to each of your contacts. Imagine if each of you had 500 contacts. In a 3 way partnership, you’ve been exposed to 1000 potential customers.
  2. Before asking a client or customer for a referral makes sure that they are pleased with your product or service you can not expect someone to refer your service or product if they are unhappy.
  3. Your sources can exhibit your marketing materials and products in their offices or homes. If these items are displayed well, such as on a counter or a bulletin board, visitors will ask questions about them or read the information. Some may take your promotional materials and display them in other places, increasing your visibility. They can include your fliers in their mailings or hand them out at meetings they attend.
  4. Networking can transform the power of one into the power of many.? Effective Referral Systems tap deep into people’s network of friends, family, and associates.? Networking continues to provide leads on a consistent and ongoing basis.
  5. Exchange your valued content for their info ought to be a trade of equal value.? They must perceive that what you’re asking for is appropriate to what you are providing.? You need to make sure that you’re providing relevant content and value.
  6. You can use free seminars on topics related to your business to get people to refer others to you. What you want to do is put together a free seminar and invite your customers. Tell them that they can bring along guests and have them reserve their seats in advance. At the seminar itself, you will want to dish out helpful information and hand out your business card to every person there customers included.
  7. Obviously, when making a marketing plan to keep in touch with your contacts, time and budget need to be considered.? You will want to see some people once a week.? Others will simply get a monthly e-mail newsletter.? No matter what, talking about your business, mailing personal notes and cards, and sending regular e-mail newsletters to all of your contacts is vital to building business.
  8. Even though people are really happy with your company sometimes they need a little incentive to ?remember? giving you referrals. By giving your referring customers special rewards they will be even more inclined to recommend you to their clients/customers.