What is radio jockeying, How to become one?

What is RJing?

Earlier Radio jocks were termed as Radio announcers but with the advent of FM?s? And online radios the terms are fast changing.

Radio jock entertains the listeners and guides them through various topics & information.

It?s not necessary for an RJ to confine himself with certain genre of shows it can be a Film based, music based, an interactive one, based on social problems, humor, in fact any? Topic it can also be on bun or bread….

career as radio jockey

There are few things one must know

*Auditions!!: It?s the process of selecting a radio jock, it?s the initial and fist step except in the case of very senior RJs this is a mandate for all the RJs how wanted to enter this field.

What one asks in the audition depends on the station…Generally topic is given and one is asked to talk on it for few minutes say 2-5 minutes, or we can talk on any topic of our own interest. Many times one will be tested for his presence of mind by asking to go through mock/fake call.

*Script Links/Threads: The sentences or words that are spoken on air, rather framed sentences to carry the show are Links or threads. A good radio jock must also be a good script writer, script it the heart of the show good command on script is always handy and gives immense strength to conduct the show in a proper way. The general formats of the Links are Intro thread, Body, Conclusion thread.

*Intro: It must & should say about the radio which you are working for, your own Introduction, few lines about your show and its theme and finally a good joke or a quote to start with, and then a very good song to start the show after all its the songs which decides is the show going be a hit or flop.

*Body: The most important feature of a good radio jock is to carry the interest and see that the interest is sustained among the listeners, whatever the number of times he changes the stations finally he should be “wanting to listen your next thread” after the song/add you play for them, This is possible by a proper, Intricate threads [never leave the thread open let the “to be continued” format be there to attract the interest of listeners].

*Conclusion: End with a positive note or a joke or a social message and not forget to Play a good song again ,it?s important listeners must eagerly wait for ones next show, now it depends on one?s own talent and the topic of the day. It?s often found that a good conclusion gives a good start for the next show

Two Types of Shows in general

There generally two kinds of Formats for programs or shows

One is prerecorded and the other is Live!!!

*Pre-recorded: In these programs the show is recorded prior to telecast, generally calls are not taken in such shows, one good thing about such shows if we are wrong we can correct it immediately in the re-takes, we can talk till we get correct thread with number of retakes. Its something like dubbing Minus video. Generally mails or letters are read on these shows also almost many shows in Online radios are of this type.

*Live Shows: These are what we generally hear on Air, the so called interaction prog we take calls, SMSs etc, where we need to be very careful and of course cheerful.

This is the best part of RJing we get instant reactions from listeners believe me once you get the taste of it you are not going to leave it forever!!!!

Generally We don?t go live directly ,before the call is on air we give some important feeds to the listeners like do not use/say certain things, if possible we also get to know his/her fav song to pile up in the Software to play it on time.
In one word we put the listener at ease and make him comfortable.

Competitions are also conducted many a times or Question & Answer SMS contests all the main core things are Gone live generally, Morning 7? – night 11 is the general time to go on air, again it depends on the station there are some stations who go Live on air till late say up to 1 O clock in night.
Reaming times there are unmanned programs or prerecorded ones.

Do’s and Don’ts as Radio jock

What to talk and what not to mainly depend on the show, rather the Theme of the show some points to be kept in mind are:


*Never ever speak against Gov t[No politics much better].
*Never ever Criticize famous personality [it may even end your program forever].
*Never ever be Hypo critic, Rude [even unknowingly] ,admit if you have done fault and cover it in all positive ways instantly. Especially on air.
*Never be too loud or hyper active.
*Never take controversial theme.
*One should finish the conversation in stipulated time so be short and sweet.


*Always have an energetic tone and happy go-going voice
*Have your own style and it should be original, ‘you copy- your are caught'[People always try to find faults so be very innovative and listener friendly]
* Must enjoy talking to people.
* One can’t afford to have inhibitions to be a good RJ.
* One should know how to modulate ones voice. Speaking in the same monotone is a surefire way of losing our audience. Modulate your voice well and your fan following will increase and open the way to other assignments [like dubbing and voice over?s].
*If one sound different on the show, people will enjoy listening.
*Choose a different theme daily to carry forward, never confine to particular theme, it may be boring to listeners even for the RJ..”Do different and Be Bindaas is the Funda”.
*One should Know the local dialect, More the languages we know, the more is the probability of penetrating into the masses @ least learn one or two lines from other languages.
*Always maintain a good rapport with listeners.
*Do what you say when we are saying SMOKING is not good to health we are not supposed to smoke from then even if one is a serial smoker till that, because thousands of people listen us we cannot loose our dignity. What we say effect a lot of listeners especially children and youth.
*Read paper daily i mean we need to be aware of things going around.

Technical know-how: Plus & Minus as RJ

Technical know-how: An RJ has to deal with sound mixers, faders, CD players, Call equipment, Computer for his songs and Ads database and microphones & headphones. Generally Initial training is given for the newcomer so one needs not to worry.

But still its good if one has an Idea about Protools, Nuendo, Sony Vegas, Sound forge, RCS, softwares ,Old and new songs and their labels

Radio jockey filed has got its own Advantages and Disadvantages:

*MINUS: ?An RJ also has no holidays. One should work every single day and has to enjoy it and not consider ones work a chore. When everyone is partying on New Year?s night, RJ is there helping his listeners to party! So basically it has to be someone who is committed, does not mind long hours, is verbally confident, knows his music, can cope with fame and is always willing to learn.
“You enjoy while I work for you” is a radio jocks position many a times.

*PLUS: Money (from RJ-ing and doing Ad commercials). Fame!!!! And it can lead one to get into voice-overs for ad films and movies [dubbing],can easily get extra money by doing part time jobs like voice over?s, MC shows, host live shows and many more..